Bucky Protector
Bucky Protector
Bucky Protector
Bucky Protector
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Bucky Protector

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The Bucky Protector is an affordable way to shield your bucky faceplate from the scratches, dings, and inevitable punctures that occur in a busy medical imaging facility. Simple to attach, this lightweight polycarbonate design is easy to clean, easy to remove and replace, and has no significant scattering or absorption.

  • 19" x 19"or 48.26 x 48.26cm
  • Fits most systems
  • Extends the bucky faceplate life by reducing wear and tear
  • Utilizes industrial Velcro for easy removal, cleaning, and replacement
  • High resistance polycarbonate won’t shatter, even when exposed to violent impact
  • Clear images with no significant scattering or absorption

Download the Bucky Protector Printable Product Fact Sheet

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